Wokje Abrahamse

Host institution

University of Victoria

Granting agency


Project title

From smart norms to smart actions: Examining the spill-over effect in environmentally friendly behaviours

Project description

Wokje Abrahamse studies the ways in which environmentally-friendly behaviours can be encouraged. When people are asked about the environment, they generally say that they care about it. But why do people not always act accordingly?

Human behaviour is often guided by short term goals (what is good for me right now), while long term goals (what is good for the environment in the long run) are moved to the background. Wokje is investigating how these goals can be made more compatible. Her research will examine the effect of activating different goals to encourage sustainable food consumption, and it will examine whether this « spills over » into other environmentally-friendly behaviours.

In particular, Wokje's research will deal with sustainable food consumption – a topic related to issues such as food security, health, and climate change. Her findings will have implications for research on behaviour change initiatives (e.g., health promotion). The findings could help inform the content of information campaigns and contribute to a better understanding of how people can be encouraged to take steps towards leading healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.

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