Angela Chow

Host institution

University of Alberta

Granting agency


Project title

Gendered pathways from youth to mid-life in Canada

Project description

Angela Chow is studying how adult lives are shaped by educational experience and attitudes toward education in the late teens and early 20s. More specifically, she is examining how the perceived career value of education, educational attainment, and occupational goals and choices of youth shape their pathways to young adulthood and midlife, with particular emphasis on outcomes related to career, mental health, family relationships, and further education.

Angela's work draws on a unique Canadian longitudinal study started by Dr. Harvey Krahn in 1985, the School-Work Transition Project, which has tracked the same cohort of high school seniors for 25 years. Participants were interviewed five times from age 18 to 25; a sixth interview took place at age 32 and they are being surveyed now at age 43, on the 25th anniversary of their high school graduation. Angela's research capitalizes on all seven waves.

These findings will inform post-secondary educational programming and policies, with the goal of fostering productive and healthy psychosocial development among Canadian youth and young adults. In addition, the career development and life-transitions patterns of the two genders spanning 25 years will be useful for identifying ways to maximize opportunities and positive development for women and men in Canada.

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