Alex Hayat

Host institution

University of Toronto

Granting agency


Project title

High-temperature superconductor quantum LEDs for quantum information processing

Project description

Alex Hayat's research is in the new field of quantum information processing. The miniaturization of electronics and telecommunications-based transistors and lasers is approaching its limits, having now reached the nanometer scale – the size of several atoms. At this scale, classical physics is not able to provide correct predictions, and this is where the work of quantum information processing occurs.

The goal of Alex's current research is to combine ideas from both quantum optics and condensed matter physics to develop novel quantum devices. One such combination could lead to a novel light source: a light-emitting diode made of superconducting and semiconducting materials. Quantum information research can benefit Canada's economy through the development of these types of quantum technologies. This research can also lead to advancements in areas such as biomedical devices and energy harvesting, which can improve the lives of Canadians.

Alex received his PhD from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) in 2010. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Physics department at the University of Toronto. He has authored or co-authored around 25 journal papers, and been invited to speak at several international conferences.

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