Diomidis Michalopoulos

Host institution

University of British Columbia

Granting agency


Project title

Green and Sustainable Communications

Project description

Diomidis Michalopoulos' main research interest is in the broad area of wireless communications, with particular emphasis on the study of wireless cooperative communications. The concept of cooperative communications for wireless networks involves mutual assistance among the users in an attempt to improve the network performance from both the individual and the network perspective.

In cooperative networks, the signal associated with a given user reaches its destination via another user's terminal. As a result, new resources are created and thus wireless networks are able to overcome obstacles and combat the negative effects of fading, resulting in a substantial improvement in the quality of communications: fewer dropped calls and fewer outage events. In addition, by pooling resources, the users are able to considerably decrease the transmitted power without any cost in performance, thus incorporating a "green" aspect to such communication networks.

Diomidis received his PhD from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2009. In September 2009, he joined the University of British Columbia as a Killam postdoctoral fellow. He received the Marconi Young Scholar award from the Marconi Society in 2010, and the Best Paper Award of the Wireless Communications Symposium (WCS) at the IEEE International Conference on Communications in 2007.

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