Boursiers Banting 2011–2012




Nom Discipline Établissement d'accueil Titre du projetNote en bas de page 2

Boisselier Mailfait, Elodie
Biochimie Université Laval Impact de la détermination de la structure et de l'interaction membranaire de la rétinol déshydrogénase 8 pour les maladies de la rétine

Coté, Marceline
Virologie Brigham and Women's Hospital (Boston) Development and characterization of new antivirals against ebolavirus

Crome, Sarah A
Cancer University Health Network (Toronto) Advancing Tumour Infiltrating Lymphocyte Therapy for Ovarian Cancer to the Clinic

D'Costa, Vanessa
Bacteriologie Hospital for Sick Children (University of Toronto) Salmonella Pathogenesis: Characterization of Bacterial-Mediated Inhibition of Host Trafficking

Dong, Tao
Bacteriologie Harvard Medical School (Cambridge, Massachusetts) Deciphering the function of Type VI secretion systems in an emerging human pathogen Photorhabdus asymbiotica

Dwivedi, Girish
Cardiovasculaire University of Ottawa Heart Institute/Institut de cardiologie de l'Université d'Ottawa Functional Assessment with Computed Tomographic Coronary Angiography: Comparison with Rubidium-82 Positron Emission Tomography

Ferro, Mark
Santé mentale McMaster University Modeling the Influence of Chronic Illness and Family Environment on Self-concept and Mental Health Outcomes in Adolescents

Foley, Jonathan
Cardiovasculaire University of British Columbia The thrombin-complement connection: Gaining new insights into their cooperation in promoting inflammation and thrombosis

Ifergan, Igal
Recherche dans le domaine de la santé Northwestern University (Illinois) The Wnt Pathway as a Modulator of Tolerogenic APCs in MS

Julien, Olivier
Cancer University of California (San Francisco) Balance between life and death: the crucial role of caspase regulation during apoptosis and cell differentiation

Kushwah, Rahul
Immunologie - Greffe McMaster University Direct conversion of human skin fibroblasts to the lymphoid lineages

Lavoie, Hugo
Biologie moléculaire Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (Montreal, QC)/Institut de recherche en immunologie et en cancérologie A systems-level study of the mechanisms leading to RAF dimerization and activation

Lehnertz, Bernhard 
Cancer Université de Montréal The Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 (PRC2): a mechanistic investigation of its role in normal and leukemia stem cells.

Lemire, Mélanie
Influences de l'environnement sur la santé Université Laval Country foods and cardiovascular health in Nunavik, northern Quebec:  studying the complex balance between nutrients and environmental contaminants

Levin, Aviad
Virologie University of Alberta Study the interactions between Hepatitis C virus proteins and nucleoporins

Mortenson, William B
Gérontologie Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, B.C.) The Impact of Assistive Technology on Users and their Informal Caregivers: A Mixed-Methods Study

Murphy, Rachel
Gériatrie National Institute on Aging (Bethesda, MD) Lifetime effects of weight and weight related health conditions on healthy aging and maintenance of autonomy

Noyce, Ryan S
Virologie IWK Health Centre (Halifax) The role of the epithelial cell receptor nectin 4 in measles virus pathogenesis and oncolytic therapy
Safdar, Syed A Cardiovasculaire Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Boston) Elucidating the Role of Skeletal Muscle SIRT1/PGC-1a Metabolic Axis in Modulating Angiogenesis: Can Vascular Aging be Reversed?

Saltzman, Arneet L
Biologie moléculaire Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston) The role of Polycomb-RNA interactions in stem cell pluripotency

Schmoelzer, Georg
Respiratoire University of Alberta Respiratory function at birth

Sobhanifar, Solmaz
Biologie moléculaire University of British Columbia Structural and mechanistic characterization of sensor-transducer membrane proteins BlaR1 and MecR1 in environmental sensing and antibiotic resistance in MRSA using cell-free protein expression.

Valdmanis, Paul N
Génétique Stanford University (California) The effect that inactivation of the RNA interference machinery has on endogenous levels of microRNAs and their gene targets
Name Discipline Établissement d'accueil Titre du projetNote en bas de page 2

Barnett-Cowan, Michael
Système sensoriels et perception University of Western Ontario Mapping the neural correlates of gravity perception using functional magnetic resonance imaging

Barrett, Rowan
Évolution et écologie Harvard University Selection on genes in the wild: an experimental approach to determine the influence of ecology on evolutionary processes

Bergstra, James

Intelligence artificielle University of Waterloo SceneStruct: realizing 2.5-D vision with biologically plausible algorithms in a space of image fragments and transformations

Bianchi, Eugenio
Physique Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics Loop Gravity Phenomenology

Binyamini, Gal
Mathématiques pures University of Toronto Effective methods in the study of differential equations and dynamical systems, with an emphasis on the Hilbert sixteenth problem and related subjects.

Breed, Greg GA 
Évolution et écologie University of Alberta Adaptive modelling of animal telemetry data: Building better analyses of animal movement to conserve and protect Canadian wilderness

Cheng, Zhenyu
Biologie moléculaire Massachusetts General Hospital Characterization of novel host innate immunity modulators from Pseudomonas aeruginosa PA14
Colautti, Robert Évolution et écologie University of British Columbia Ecological genomics of invasion success in Alliaria petiolata

Das, Siddhartha
Mécanique des fluides University of Alberta A Novel Electrokinetic-Microfluidic Solution of Heavy Oil Refining: Removal of Asphaltene by Combined Electrophoretic Precipitation and Separation in Microchannels

Gallivan, Jason
Neurophysiologie Queen's University Decoding sensorimotor predictions and action intentions from human brain activity

Gonzalez Mendez, Pablo
Géophysique University of Western Ontario Mechanism and origin of slow slip events across fault systems

Khalaj Amineh, Reza
Électromagnétique, compatibilité et interférence  University of Toronto Development of a Novel Sub-Wavelength Microwave Imaging Technology

Kirk, Helen
Astronomie et astrophysique McMaster University Investigating Clustered Star Formation and Filamentary Flows

Kishkinev, Dmitry D
Neurologie du comportement  University of Guelph Uncovering the sensory mechanism of bird navigation: combining translocation experiments with automated radio tracking of free-flying songbirds

Krishnaswamy, Arjun
Neurophysiologie Harvard University Molecular cues direct neuronal synaptic choices to determine the cellular composition of functional retinal circuits.

Martin-Martinez, Eduardo
Physique University of Waterloo Relativistic Quantum Information Science and Technologies

Melnychuk, Michael
Écologie aquatique et limnologie University of Washington Consequences of diverse fishery management strategies for the ecological, economic, and social dimensions of fisheries:  A global meta-analysis of the management characteristics of sustainable fisheries

Moraes, Christopher
Génie biomédical University of Michigan Manipulating dimensional regulation of cell function for optimized drug discovery: using microengineered trans-dimensional platforms to dissect the nature of dimensionality.

Rosenzweig, Rina
Biophysique University of Toronto Protein Misfolding in Health and Disease: Structure and Function of Hsp104/ClpB Chaperone Machinery

Scott, Patrick 
Physique des particules McGill University Discovery and discrimination of models for new physics with combined terrestrial and astrophysical data

Serpell, Christopher
Chimie des polymères McGill University Interfacing DNA Nanostructures with Synthetic Polymers for Applications in Biology and Materials Science

Sit, Clarissa
Biochimie Harvard Medical School Investigating the biosynthesis of anti-algal compounds roseobacticide A and B

Snider, David
Géochimie et géochronologie University of Guelph Nitrous oxide emissions from Canadian agriculture: uniting stable isotope and micrometeorological techniques to apportion continuously-monitored GHG fluxes and develop successful mitigation strategies

Voss, Patrice
Système sensoriels et perception McGill University Neuroanatomical and neurometabolical markers of crossmodal brain plasticity in the blind using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) tractography and magnetic resonance spectrography (MRS).

Wylie, Ryan
Génie biomédical Children's Hospital (Boston) Triggered drug delivery to the posterior segment of the eye to treat retinal degenerative diseases: 1) Create a drug depot in the extracellular matrix of the vitreous and retina that is released upon exposure to light; 2) Design hydrogels that release drugs in response to fluctuations in extracellular protein signals

Yachie, Nozomu
Génétique University of Toronto Technology to identify global dynamics of protein interaction networks
Nom Discipline Établissement d'accueil Titre du projetNote en bas de page 2
Aylett, Alexander Chagements climatiques/planétaires Massachusetts Institute of Technology Urban climate governance, a comparative international analysis:  the socio-institutional determinants of capacity and action

Bezerra, Nielson
Immigration York University Liberated Africans in Brazil, 1830-1900

Brubacher, Sonja
Enfance Central Michigan University Improving lab-based paradigms for the systematic testing of social and cognitive variables that underline disclosures and non-disclosures of sensitive information from children, adolescents and young adults

Burch, Sarah
Environnement et développement durable The University of British Columbia Sustainability governance:  triggering transformative change and policy innovation in response to climate change

Dion, Nicholas
Beaux-arts et culture Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Les tristes plaintes d'Érato, l'institution de l'élégie française au XVIIIe siècle : des traités de poétique aux productions littéraires

Foster, Karen
Productivité Saint Mary's University Beyond the numbers:  the meaning and measure of productivity in Canada

Geiger, Martin
Politique et gouvernement Carleton University Smart new border world: Information technologies and security industries in the management of human cross-border mobility in North America and Europe

Goeres, Erin
Beaux-arts et culture University of Toronto Writing Anglo-Norman England in medieval Scandinavia

Gouliquer, Lynne
Personnes âgées St. Thomas University Life history stories of elder elders in the Maritimes: tales of resiliency, identity, and longevity

Guido, Massimiliano
Beaux-arts et culture McGill University Music in the memory palace - learning processes in music making and performance at the keyboard, 1450-1750:  a study on improvisation techniques used for learning music theory while playing, from the Buxheimer Orgelbuch to Johann Sebastian Bach
Guirguis, Laure  Violence Université de Montreal Productions contemporaines du martyr et processus de minorisation en Égypte, en Israël et au Liban

Hajjar, Reem
Forêt et sylviculture Rights and Resources Initiative The role of secondary level institutions in promoting community forestry in REDD+ mechanisms
Jessee, Erin Violence The University of British Columbia Among the anonymous dead:  international forensic investigations in the aftermath of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide

Joseph, Janelle
Éducation University of Ontario Institute of Technology Pedagogy as praxis:  afro centric physical activity as inclusive education and alternative criminal rehabilitation

Nayak, Prateep
Environnement et développement durable University of Waterloo Social-ecological change, thresholds and governance in aquatic-terrestrial systems

Oriola, Temitope
Droit et justice The University of British Columbia Less-lethal force options:  Canada police and the social consequences of electro-muscular disruption technology (EMDT)

Otiono, Nduka
Beaux-arts et culture Carleton University Street stories in the postcolony:  democracy and the politics of the everyday in Africa

Patterson, Monica
Beaux-arts et culture Concordia University Democratizing history:  remembering childhood in and after apartheid South Africa
Peled, Yael Multiculturalisme et études ethniques Université de Montréal Towards a contextual theory of linguistic justice

Pelletier, Mathieu
Politique et gouvernement Institut national de la recherche scientifique Processus décisionnel urbain : territoire, conflit et participation

Richard, Marie-Odile
Gestion Concordia University Investigating the differential responses of bilinguals to marketing communications and the moderating effects of acculturation

Scheible, Jeff
Beaux-arts et culture Concordia University Techniques of the deep:  depth of field and the history of film theory, 1910-2010

Siler, Kyle
Science et technologie McMaster University A comparative analysis of peer review across academic disciplines

Walmsley, Heather
Femmes The University of British Columbia Canada and the transnational human egg trade:  implications for women's agency and global social inequalities
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