Boursiers Banting 2012–2013


Boursiers Banting en vedette



Boursiers Banting en vedette

Nom Discipline Établissement d'accueil Titre du projetNote en bas de page 2

Anema, Aranka
Santé internationale Harvard Medical School Assessing the relationship between climate change and food-borne diseases: Leveraging technology and scientific evidence to predict global food-borne disease outbreaks

Azad, Meghan
Recherche dans le domaine de la santé University of Alberta The impact of antibiotics and environmental exposures on infant gut microbiota and atopic disease

Chechi, Kanta
Cardiovasculaire Université Laval Pathophysiological association between epicardial fat accumulation and coronary heart disease-are brown adipocytes the missing link?

Dalrymple, Kirsten
Aspects psychosociaux/comportements University of Minnesota Treating and identifying predictors of treatment success in children with developmental prosopagnosia

De Gorter, Marianne
Génomique, protéomique et bioinformatique Stanford University Interindividual variability in the effect of statin exposure on the tissue transcriptome

Deneault, Eric
Génomique, protéomique et bioinformatique Hospital For Sick Children (University of Toronto) Role of NRXN1 in Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Ennishi, Daisuke
Cancer University of British Columbia Discovering the Mutational Landscape of Hodgkin Lymphoma

Halim, Timotheus
Immunologie - Greffe University of Cambridge Role of ROR-alpha in Type-2 Innate Lymphocyte Lineage Selection and Type-2 Inflammation

Hawco, Colin
Santé mentale Centre For Addiction And Mental Health (Toronto) Functional neuroimaging of non-Invasive brain stimulation in Schizophrenia

Hirota, Jeremy
Influences de l'environnement sur la santé University of British Columbia The influence of air pollution on asthma development and exacerbations: A translational research approach using human clinical exposures and mechanistic in vitro studies.

Jones, Brad
Recherche dans le domaine de la santé Massachusetts General Hospital Coordinating targeted delivery of latency-reversing drugs and enhanced antiviral T-cell responses to eradicate HIV infection

Kaluarachchi Duffy, Supipi
Génétique University of British Columbia Dosage CIN: A comprehensive analysis of gene dosage effects on genome stability

Marat, Andrea
Système nerveux Leibniz Institut Für Molekulare Pharmakologie Autophagy and the maintenance of synaptic function during aging

Neufeld, Hannah
Dimensions socio-culturelles de la santé University of Western Ontario A generational investigation of traditional food knowledge among First Nation communities in southwestern Ontario

Protze, Stephanie
Cardiovasculaire University Health Network (University of Toronto) Derivation of sinoatrial node pacemaker cells from human pluripotent stem cells for the generation of bio-artificial pacemakers.

Sadeghi-Naini, Ali
Cancer Sunnybrook Research Institute Facilitating Personalized Breast Cancer Therapy via Early Prediction of Patient Responses using Non-invasive Hybrid Imaging Biomarkers

Santos Iglesias, Pablo
Aspects psychosociaux/comportements University of New Brunswick Sexual Well-Being in Couples Living with Fibromyalgia: An Application of the Interpersonal Exchange Model of Sexual Satisfaction

Shapiro, Rebecca
Bacteriologie Boston University Global analysis of fungal persister cells: understanding environmental signaling and mechanisms of antifungal drug tolerance for the fungal pathogen Candida albicans

Shateri Najafabadi, Hamed
Génomique, protéomique et bioinformatique University of Toronto Global characterization of C2H2 transcription factors

Singh, Sheena
Biologie moléculaire University of California - San Francisco Global analysis of the transcriptional circuitry regulating Candida glabrata biofilm formation

Taliaz, Dekel
Santé mentale Hospital For Sick Children
(University of Toronto)
Examining the Neural Basis of Relapse in Addiction

Theou, Olga
Vieillissement Dalhousie University "The dangers of lying in bed": How do sedentary behaviours impact the health of hospitalized patients and how can we reduce them?

Turner, Michelle
Influences de l'environnement sur la santé Centre For Research In Environmental Epidemiology (Spain) Environmental and Occupational Risk Factors for Brain Tumours in the INTEROCC Study
Nom Discipline Établissement d'accueil Titre du projetNote en bas de page 2

Beaudoin Bertrand, Julien
Optique Max-Planck-Institut Für Quantenoptik Attosecond Control in Buckminsterfullerene (C60): Towards Attosecond Transistors

Bennett, William
Biophysique University of Waterloo Designing cationic peptides for targeting specific cellular membranes in advanced drug delivery

Ceballos, Cesar
Mathématiques pures York University Combinatorial Hopf Algebra of polytopes and structure constantsp

Denicol, Gabriel
Physique McGill University Understanding the quark-gluon plasma: Towards a more realistic kinetic description of ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions

Dupuis, Maite
Physique University of Waterloo Loop Quantum Gravity and Spinfoam models, a quantum description of space-time?

Gharibian, Sevag
Technologie de l'information University of California - Berkeley Approximation algorithms for quantum problems

Impellizzeri, Stefania
Chimie physique University of Ottawa Plasmonic Nanoswitches for Rewritable Materials

Kim, Jin Young
Science et technologie des matériaux University of Toronto Directly-printable quantum-tuned nanoparticle solar cells

Koleilat, Ghada
Dispositifs et réseaux photoniques Stanford University Solution Processed Carbon Based Electrodes for all Carbon Solar Cells

Largy, Eric
Biochimie University of British Columbia Discovery and Development of Protein-Like DNAzymes that Cleave Target RNA with High Efficiency

Lessard, Benoit
Génie chimique University of Toronto Synthesis and characterization of Boron Subphthlocyanine-containing copolymers and optimization of their use in organic electronic devices: photovoltaic cells (OPVs) to light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) and thin-film transistors (OTFTs).

Maddin, Hillary
Évolution et écologie Carleton University Brain-cranium interactions in the origin of tetrapod cranial diversity

McKinnon, Laura
Écologie animale  University of Toronto Assessing physiological and behavioural mechanisms of arctic-nesting birds to mitigate the effects of climate change.

McNickle, Gordon
Écologie végétale  Wilfrid Laurier University Local adaptation versus plant plasticity: Global climate change, evolutionary game theory and resilience in the boreal forest

Perron, Gabriel
Microbiologie University of Ottawa The Genetic Architecture of Antibiotic Resistance: Measuring and Predicting Evolution in Natural Populations of Bacteria.

Perry, Jennifer
Évolution et écologie University College London The Development and Evolution of the Sexually Dimorphic Transcriptome of Drosophila melanogaster

Raymond, Jasmin
Génie géotechnique Institut national de la recherche scientifique Caractérisation thermique du bassin sédimentaire des Basses-Terres Saint-Laurent pour systèmes géothermiques profonds et superficiels

Sabbah, Shai
Systèmes sensoriels – vue Brown University A vestibulocentric visual channel for image stabilization

Salimpoor, Niloufar
Science cognitive  Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care Interactions between Sensory, Emotional, Cognitive, and Reward Networks in the Brain that make Music Rewarding

Sunarso, Jaka
Science et technologie des matériaux University of Waterloo Elevated temperature lithium batteries

Taghavi, Seyed Mohammad
Mécanique des fluides McGill University Nanoparticle adhesion at soft interfaces

van Loenhout, Marinus
Génétique University of British Columbia The development of single cell microfluidic technologies for analysis of microRNA expression and epigenetic state with application to hematopoietic stem cells

Zeng, Tao
Chimie physique Cornell University The Nature of Exciton Dynamics in Organic Photovoltaics: Insight from Theory and Simulations
Nom Discipline Établissement d'accueil Titre du projetNote en bas de page 2

Adams, Matthew
Beaux-arts et culture University of Victoria The Ideas Factory: Modernism and the Cultural Politics of Anglo-Canadian Anarchism, 1936-1980

Bivens, Rena
Communication Carleton University Social Media for Social Change? A Critical Analysis of the Sociotechnical Relations between Social Media Software and Non-Profit Users Working to End Gender-Based Violence

Bjorkman, Bronwyn
Sans objet University of Toronto Variation in temporal categorization: Towards a feature system for tense and aspect.

Campbell, Mark
Jeunesse University of Regina Control This! Exploring hip hop's digital turn

Driscoll, Killian
Science et technologie Université de Montréal Irish lithic landscapes: the macroscopic, petrographic, and geochemical characterisation of chert from archaeological and geological contexts.

Felton, Marie-Claude
Beaux-arts et culture McGill University From Writers to Literary Entrepreneurs: Self-Publishing, Authorial Emancipation and the Book Market in Europe, 1750-1850

Ferran, Hugo
Multiculturalisme et études ethniques Université de Montréal Comprendre les "Églises ethniques" par la musique. L'exemple de la diaspora évangélique éthiopienne du Canada

Flynn-Jones, Emily
Technologie de l'information York University Gender Work at Play: A Study Examining the Intersections of Work, Play and Gender in Games.

Hayhurst, Lyndsay
Relation internationales, commerce et développement University of British Columbia Fighting for Girls: Exploring Girl-focused Self-Defence Programs for Gender-Based Violence Prevention in Uganda and South Africa

Lahat, Ayelet
Enfance McMaster University The role of social and non-social incentives in the development of executive function among shy and sociable individuals

Larue, Renan
Sans objet Université de Montréal Faut-il en finir avec l'espèce humaine? Généalogie et principes de l'antihumanisme contemporain

Li, Peng-Fei
Développement économique et régional University of Toronto Canadian-Chinese Cluster Networks: Architecture for Transnational Knowledge Flows

Macdonald, Simon
Beaux-arts et culture McGill University Concepts and practices of cosmopolitanism in Enlightenment Europe

Maggiano, Corey
Sans objet University of Western Ontario Reconstructing short and long term change in human behavior, biology and environment using a novel technique combining bone histology and isotopy.

Mathur, Ritu
Politique et gouvernement McMaster University A Study of Arms Control and Disarmament as a Civilizational Practice

Muise, Amy
Sans objet University of Toronto Self-expansion in relationships: A daily experience study of its association with intimacy and passion in romantic couples

Newfield, Timothy
Santé Princeton University Eurasian Epizootics in the High Middle Ages, An Interdisciplinary Approach

Robinson, Dylan
Population indigènes University of British Columbia The Arts of Public Engagement: Moving Beyond Reconciliation in Canada

Robson, James
Environnement et développement durable University of Redlands Commons, Commoners and Globalization: Local, Trans-local and State Perspectives on the Future of Territorial Governance in Oaxaca, Mexico

Tamas, Sophie
Développement social et bien-être Carleton University Going to pieces: Memory and mourning in digital scraps

Van Nort, Douglas
Beaux-arts et culture Concordia University An Exploration of Collective Improvisation, Gestural Understanding and Embodied Machine Mediation

Van Veeren, Elspeth
Relation internationales, commerce et développement York University The Invisible Security Project

Worth, Nancy
Femmes McMaster University Women and the Millennial Generation: Changing Identities at Work, at Home and at Play

Zacharias, Robert
Beaux-arts et culture University of Waterloo The Fiction of Mennonite North America: A Study in Hemispheric Literary Criticism
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