Banting Fellows 2013–2014




Name Discipline Host institution Project titleFootnote 2

Baker, Perrin
Biochemistry Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) Slime Wars: Developing inhibitors against bacterial biofilms

Bernier, Louis-Philippe
Nervous System University of British Columbia Characterization of the acute morphological and functional response of microglia to decreased oxygen levels and study of the mechanisms underlying microglial dynamic motility.

Cao, Ruifeng
Nervous System McGill University Manipulating circadian clock function by controlling eIF4E-dependent protein synthesis

Coleman, Jonathan A
Nervous System Oregon Health & Science University Mechanism of neurotransmitter transport and inhibition 

Descalzi, Giannina
Nervous System Mount Sinai School of Medicine Investigating the potential role of regulator of G protein signaling (RGS9-2) in the nucleus accumbens as a therapeutic target for neuropathic pain induced depression.

Duca, Frank A
Metabolism/Diabetes University Health Network (Toronto) Discovery of novel molecular and pharmacological mechanisms in the ability of metformin to lower glucose production and blood glucose levels during diabetes

Gislason, Maya
Environmental Influences on Health University of Northern British Columbia Addressing the public health dynamics of intensive natural resource extraction in Canada: Assessing capacity to address cumulative health, ecosystem and social impacts in complex systems

Haidar, Ahmad
Biomedical Engineering Clinical Research Institute of Montreal External Artificial Pancreas for Type 1 Diabetes

Harrar, Vanessa
Vision Université de Montréal Acronym: MULTIMAPS  Multisensory Hebbian learning principles to increase crossmodal cortical plasticity in blind and low vision individuals using assistive devices.

Hassan, Saima N
Cancer Oregon Health & Science University Genomic prediction of response to PARP inhibition in breast cancer

Julian, Lisa M
Cancer Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Reprogramming Patient-Derived Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells to Model Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) and Identify Novel Therapeutic Targets

Li, Jingjing
Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics Stanford University (California) Unveiling the hidden variation:  the role of RNA editing in autistic brain

Marin, Marie-France
Mental Health Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston) Using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to Modulate Fear Acquisition in Healthy Adults: Implications for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Osborne, Suzanne E Cell Biology Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) Mechanisms of cell-to-cell spread by Listeria monocytogenes

Oudhoff, Menno J
Cancer University of British Columbia The role of Set7 in Intestinal Stem Cells during Regeneration and Cancer

Power, Geoffrey A
Aging University of Calgary Alterations to muscle mechanics in old age: Molecular basis for age-related muscle weakenss

Smolina, Ekaterina
Health Services Research University of British Columbia The impact of socioeconomic inequalities in drug prescribing on health outcomes

Sokke Umeshappa, Channakeshava
Immunology-Transplantation University of Calgary Development of an antigen-specific nanomedicine for the treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis, a severe autoimmune disease of the liver

Stanev, Roger
Bioethics University of Ottawa Computer Software for Reconstruction and Retrospective Assessment of Interim Decisions and their Rules in Randomized Controlled Trials

Tsai, Sue Y
Metabolism/Diabetes University Health Network (Toronto) Defining the role of intestinal immunity in obesity related insulin resistance
Vanderlaan, Rachel D Cardiovascular Loyola University (Chicago) The role of myofilament mechanics and calcium handling in the pathogenesis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Wang, Jing
Health Research University of Calgary Do Neutrophils Die at Sites of Sterile Inflammation

Wiegand, Kimberly C
Cancer University of British Columbia The characterization and targeting of novel tumour suppressor genes and activated stroma in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

Willis, Elizabeth M
Cancer University of Toronto A Chemical Biology Approach to the Study of Polysialic Acid in Cancer
Name Discipline Host institution Project titleFootnote 2

Boffito,  Daria Camilla
Chemical Engineering École Polytechnique de Montréal Catalytic design to produce green fuels from waste oils and fats in a capillary fluidized bed reactor

Burgess,  Ian
Materials Science and Technology University of Toronto Colorimetric Biosensor Readout for Portable Low-Cost Disease Diagnosis

Campbell,  Stuart
Evolution and Ecology University of Toronto Origins of trait diversity in flowering plants:
Understanding how mating systems shape the evolution of plant defence using genomic and experimental field studies of natural selection

Cluff,  Tyler
Life Science - Motor Systems and Performance Queen's University Human Brain Areas Involved in the Adaptation of Feedback Responses for Rapid, Task-Dependent Movement Control

Dickson,  Russell
Biochemistry University of Washington Integrating intra-molecular coevolution and molecular modeling tools to elucidate the mechanism of protein evolution and improve enzyme design

Hiebert,  Paul
Cell Biology Eidgenössiche Technische Hochschule Zürich The transcription factor Nrf2 as a regulator of fibroblast function during skin homeostasis, wound repair and UV response

Hoeschele, Marisa
Animal Biology University of Vienna The origins of auditory stress in language and music: A comparative study between humans, budgerigars, marmosets, and pigeons

Katzenback,  Barbara
Animal Physiology and Metabolism University of Waterloo Climate change and fish disease: In vivo and in vitro studies of the modulation of the teleost antigen presentation pathway in response to thermal stress and viral infection using two different systems:  the rainbow trout viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus model and the walleye dermal sarcoma virus model

Leconte, Jeremy
Astronomy and Astrophysics University of Toronto Understanding the extreme diversity of exoplanet atmospheric regimes:
Linking new-generation 1D/3D climate models with observations

Lemire, Joseph
Microbiology University of Calgary Exploring the Mechanisms Underlying the Antibiofilm and Antimicrobial Capacity of Metal Ions

Li, Yunfeng
Polymer Chemistry University of Toronto Nanofibrillar microgels as artificial microenvironments for stem cell studies

Lyons,  Ian
Psychology University of Western Ontario Mathematics Anxiety: Its Neural Mechanisms and Influence on Academic Decisions and Performance in Higher Education

McKinney, Melissa
Ecotoxicology University of Windsor Southern invasion: Consequences of climate-driven change in fish biodiversity on marine mammal and human health

Michaelis,  Vladimir
Physical Chemistry Massachusetts Institute of Technology Developing 17O NMR and High Field DNP NMR for Structure Elucidation in Biological Solids

Roach,  Katherine
Aquatic Ecology and Limnology Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Integrating chemical tracers, biogeochemical gradients, and assemblage structure to determine fish habitat use in the St. Lawrence River

Shafer,  Aaron
Evolution and Ecology Uppsala University Adaptation genomics: leading conservation and ecological genetics into the post genomics era

Shastri,  Bhavin
Photon Devices Princeton University Photonic cortical processor using graphene and silicon nanophotonics for complex systems analysis

Stasheuski,  Alexander
Biomedical Engineering York University Highly-Sensitive Technology for Identification of Cancer Subtypes through the Quantitative Analysis of miRNA Signatures

Steelman,  Colby
Earth Science University of Guelph Hydrogeophysical Signatures in Ecologically Sensitive Environments: Developing a Hydrogeophysical Approach for Conceptualizing Groundwater-Surface Water Exchange in Fractured Sedimentary Bedrock Rivers
Stevenson,  Ryan Sensory Systems and Perception University of Toronto It’s only a matter of time: Neural networks underlying multisensory perceptual binding

Taylor,  Scott
Evolution and Ecology Cornell University A powerful genomic window on how physiological adaptation drives reproductive isolation
Thachuk,  Christopher Information Technology California Institute of Technology Robust Molecular Programming: Design, analysis and verification of robust folding pathways

VandenBoer,  Trevor
Atmospheric Science Memorial University of Newfoundland Biosphere-atmosphere effects on the N-biogeochemical cycle across a latitudinal transect of boreal ecosystems
Name Discipline Host institution Project TitleFootnote 2

Barrett, Paul
Literature, English Canadian  McMaster University Digital Diasporas Assessing Digital Methods in Austin Clarke’s Archives

Bermejo Tirado, Jesus
Classics, Classical & Dead Languages York University Household Living Standards during the Severan Period: A multi-scale study of archaeological evidence from the Western provinces of the Roman Empire

Desmond, Karen
Fine Arts  McGill University Greedy for New Things: The Meaning of Novelty in Early Fourteenth-Century Music

Dubljevic, Veljko
Philosophy Clinical Research Institute of Montreal The “ADC” of moral judgment: Explaining moral intuitions with heuristic processes within the Agent-Deed-Consequence framework

Duvivier, Chloe
Economics  Institut national de la recherche scientifique La transformation des marchés de travail des quartiers centraux : conséquences pour le développement économique des grandes villes et l’évolution des clivages centre-banlieue

Elfner, Emily
Linguistics  University of British Columbia The grammar of prosody and intonation in Kwak'wala: Documentation, theory and community collaboration

Herman, Nicholas
Fine Arts  Université de Montréal Jean Perréal, errant alchemist: Being a Court Artist in Early-Modern Europe

Holfeld, Brett
Psychology University of Victoria A social ecological model of individual, classroom, and school level risk factors associated with cyber bullying victimization
Ibrahim, Bilal History  University of California, Berkeley The Forgotten Tradition of Islamic Humanism and Its Significance for Islam and Modernity: The Rise of the New Theology (Kalam) in Post-Classical Islamic Thought, 1200-1900 AD

Kelly, Christine
Interdisciplinary Studies University of Ottawa Disability organizations in an age of uncertainty: A feminist disability analysis of non-profit organizations, Canadian disability movements and youth engagement

Lee, Robyn
Sociology Brock University Human Milk Exchange, Care Work, and Consumption

Macfarlane, Daniel
History  Michigan Technological University Great Lakes Water Levels:
A Transnational Environmental and Technological History

Mann, Jatinder
Political Science University of Alberta The end of the British World and the redefinition of citizenship in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, 1950s-1970s

Niessen, Niels
Literature, Modern Languages University of Toronto Speculation: Realism in a Posthuman Age

Nwapi, Chilenye
Law  University of Calgary Extractive Industries and the Dilemma of Operating in Developing Countries

Payette, Gillman
Philosophy University of British Columbia Institutional Games and their Logical Analysis

Rincon-Gallardo, Santiago
Education  University of Toronto Bringing effective instructional innovation to scale: A multi-case study

Schmidt, Jeremy
Anthropology Dalhousie University Mining the Mackenzie: Territory and the Geopolitics of Water Management in Alberta

Silina, Maria
Fine Arts  Université du Québec à Montréal "Truthfully Idealized Personality": Portraiture in Soviet Public Sculpture of the 1920-50s

Sokolov, Danila
Literature, English  Brock University Anglo-Russian Literary and Cultural Encounters in the Early Modern Period: A Poetics of Mutual Representation, 1553-1690

ten Brinke, Leanne
Psychology University of California, Berkeley Embodied Virtue: Mapping the Nonverbal and Physiological Blueprints of Truth and Fairness

Vergara Paniagua, Alberta
Political Science  Harvard University Varieties of the left: Bringing history back into democratization studies in Latin America.

Zaiontz, Keren
Fine Arts  Simon Fraser University Performing Human Rights: The Art of Social Justice on the International Festival Stage
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