Chercheurs postdoctoraux Banting 2016-2017




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Banack, Hailey
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Viellissement Understanding healthy aging in post-menopausal women: the ECHO-PM study

Clemente Casares, Javier
University Health Network (Toronto) Immunologie/transplantation The Role of B cells in Obesity-related Insulin Resistance: Insulin as a key modulator of B cell function.

Daou, Salima
Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute  (Toronto) Biochimie Assembly, activation and function of BRISC deubiquitinase complexes

Domnik, Nicolle
Photo : avec la permission de Matthew Hoult
Queen's University Respiration Nighttime Lung Function, Respiratory Mechanics and Early Morning Symptoms in COPD: Impact of bronchodilator therapy

El Ghamrasni, Samah
University Health Network (Toronto) Cancer Toward mutation analysis of regulatory elements: Epigenetic profiling of primary breast tumors

Fernandes, Vilaiwan
New York University Système nerveux Deciphering neuronal specification in the lamina of the Drosophila visual system

Gerlach, Alison
University Of Northern British Columbia Recherche dans le domaine de la santé Rethinking Early Intervention with Indigenous Communities and Families in Northern British Columbia: A Critical Inquiry

Juster, Robert Paul
Columbia University Santé mentale Stress Reactivity and Allostatic Load of Transgender and Cisgender Individuals

Kandolin, Riina
Institut de cardiologie de l'Université d'Ottawa Appareil cardio-vasculaire Neurohormoral adverse remodeling in chronic heart failure; validation of a novel imaging approach (A) and evaluation of right heart failure targeted treatment (STAR-HF)(B)

Kent, Brianne
The University of British Columbia Viellissement Investigating peripheral circadian oscillators as therapeutic targets for Alzheimer's disease

King, Andrew
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Biologie moléculaire Mining the Human Microbiome for Novel Therapeutics

Kolic, Jelena
The University of British Columbia Métabolisme/diabète Genetic Determinants of Individualized Islet Responses to Dietary Macronutrients

Kucyi, Aaron
Stanford University (California) Système nerveux Intracranial neuromodulation of the human default mode network

Omrani, Mohsen
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Système nerveux Neuromodulators and modification of cognitive functions; role of norepinephrine in sensory processing

Salsberg, Jonathan
Université McGill  Recherche sur les services de santé Inter-Organisational Collaboration for Scale-up of Intervention and Policy Programming in an Indigenous Community

Salway, Travis
The University of British Columbia Santé des populations Can specialized sexual health clinics address unmet mental health needs of Canadian sexual minorities?

Sanz Remón, Joaquín
Hôpital Sainte-Justine (Montréal) Génomique, protéomique et bioinformatique Deciphering the genetic architecture of the interplay between M. tuberculosis and macrophages.

Shareck, Martine
University Of Toronto Santé des populations Built environment interventions to promote physical activity and healthy eating: A mixed-methods evaluation of a natural experiment in two low-income neighbourhoods

Templeman, Nicole
Princeton University Viellissement Novel functions of the evolutionarily conserved cAMP response element-binding protein (CREB): Identifying and characterizing tissue-specific CREB targets that coordinate whole-organismal decisions related to metabolic status, reproduction, and aging

Trost, Brett
Hospital For Sick Children (Toronto) Génomique, protéomique et bioinformatique Using deep learning to identify genetic variants in non-coding regions of the genome associated with autism spectrum disorders

Wade, Mark
Boston Children'S Hospital (Boston, MA) Santé mentale The effects of severe early psychosocial deprivation on neurocognitive functioning and mental health in adolescence

Wang, Eddy Hsi Chun
Columbia University Medical Center Biologie cellulaire Identification of Hair follicle derived autoantigens in alopecia areata

Weilinger, Nicholas
Photo : avec la permission de Paul McGrath
The University of British Columbia Biologie cellulaire Investigating a novel target for cerebral edema during stroke

Zhang, Boyang
University Of Toronto Fonction rénale, néphrologie, urologie Patient specific Kidney-on-a-Chip technology in 96-well plate format defines an ex vivo system for personalized drug testing
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Anstett, Daniel
Photo : avec la permission de Michael Greenberg at Phototerra Studios
The University of British Columbia Évolution et écologie How does rapid evolution in response to climate change vary across spatiotemporal scales?

Barbon, Stephanie
University of California, Santa Barbara Chimie - Chimie des polymères
Helical Polymers as Building Blocks for Computing and Biomedical Applications

Baryakhtar, Maria
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics Physique et astronomie - Physique des particules Searching for the QCD Axion with Black Holes and Gravitational Waves

Braghiroli, Flavia
Photo : avec la permission de Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue Génie chimique,  biomédical et des sciences des matériaux -
Science et technologie des matériaux
Scalable production of iron-impregnated activated biochars made from lignocellulosic biomass waste precursors available in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region for application to mining effluent treatments

Brandl, Simon
Simon Fraser University Évolution et écologie - Écologie animale

The neglected frontier of biodiversity research: uncovering links between vertebrate biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in marine ecosystems

Coffey, Emily
Eberhard Karls Universitat, Tübingen Psychologie - Science cognitive - Fondamental Causal roles and mechanisms of oscillatory sleep processes in complex human learning tasks

Drover, Marcus
California Institute of Technology Chimie - Chimie inorganique Fuels From Waste: Achieving One-Step Selective Hydrogenation of CO2 to CH3OH

Freeman, Benjamin
The University of British Columbia Évolution et écologie Speciation on the Bird Continent: The evolution of song, plumage, and reproductive isolation in South American passerines

Goettel, James
University Of Wuerzburg Chimie - Chimie inorganique Ligand Stabilized Boron-Nitride Compounds

Gotanda, Kiyoko
Photo : avec la permission de Claudio Calligaris
University of Cambridge Évolution et écologie - Comportement Human influences on behavioural adaptation in Darwin's finches

Harrison-Trainor, Matthew
University of Waterloo Sciences des mathématiques - Mathématiques pures Understanding the complexity of mathematical objects

Kim, Dae-Kyum
University of Toronto Biologie cellulaire et moléculaire - Biochimie Investigation of biological condition-induced changes in the quantitative protein-protein interaction map of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Li, Jun
University of Toronto Génie chimique,  biomédical et des sciences des matériaux -
Science et technologie des matériaux
Rapid transport through robust nanostructures for CO2 electroreduction

Maram Qartavol, Reza
Photo : avec la permission de Behnam Zarghooni
Université McGill  Génie électrique - Dispositifs photoniques Preventing the computation energy crisis through sustainable optics

Reppert, Mike
University of Toronto Chimie - Chimie physique Quantum Challenges in Excitation with Natural Light: From Plant Photosynthesis to Human Vision

Reshef, Orad
Photo : avec la permission de Alexander Wong
Université d'Ottawa Physique et astronomie  - Optique Nonlinear optics in integrated zero-index media

Rolland, Jonathan
The University of British Columbia Évolution et écologie  Reconstructing niche evolution in vertebrates and its consequences on the origin of latitudinal diversity gradient and extinction risk.

Saidaminov, Makhsud
University of Toronto Génie chimique,  biomédical et des sciences des matériaux - Génie chimique
Low-cost, Sensitive, and Fast Optical Sensors from the Stable Form of Hybrid Perovskites

Saldías, Gonzalo
The University of British Columbia Sciences de la terre - Océanographie The impact of numerous submarine canyons on upwelling of deep/slope water onto the continental shelf.

Schaeffer, Andrew
Université d'Ottawa Sciences de la terre - Géophysique Building a complete picture of the Cascadia Subduction Zone: combining on-shore seismic data with new off-shore OBS initiatives to investigate megathrust earthquake processes and associated hazards along Canada's west coast

Schramm, Steven
Photo : avec la permission de Alessandro Arena
University of Geneva Physique et astronomie - Physique des particules Boosting the search for new physics: fully hadronic diboson resonances in the ATLAS detector

Topic, Filip
Université McGill  Chimie - Chimie organique Understanding and advanced materials applications of a new molecular recognition motif of steroid sex hormones

Yakimowski, Sarah
Queen's University Évolution et écologie  The evolution of herbicide resistance & sexuality in a crop invader
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Carrier-Lafleur, Thomas
Université de Montréal Littératures et langues modernes Le roman français à l'ère du cinéma : des anticipations au Nouveau Roman (1883-1965)

Cochrane, Logan
Carleton University Anthropologie When Knowledge Results in Action: Social Change and the Role of Research, Politics and Collective Action

DeFalco, Randle
University of Liverpool Droit (Re)conceptualizing Atrocity: Violence, Visibility and the Aesthetics of International Criminal Justice

Diaz Rios, Claudia
University of Toronto Éducation The Role of Public-Subsidized Private Schools in Latin America: How do They Work, in What Contexts, and Who Benefits from Them?

Diehl, Catharine
University of Toronto Philosophie The Principle of Individuation in Leibniz, Kant, and Contemporary Philosophy

Duggan, Ana
McMaster University Anthropologie Illuminating lost Canadian history: biomolecules chronicle past and present aboriginal populations

Fitzsimmons Frey, Heather
Photo : avec la permission de Jeremy Mimnagh
York University Beaux-arts Rehearsing Revolutions: Girls, Amateur Theatre, and Encounters Between 19th and 21st Century Girls

Flamand-Hubert, Maude
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Histoire Petites forêts privées et grand domaine public (1840-1930). Du régional au national : quelle histoire pour les forêts québécoises?

Gladwin, Derek
University of Waterloo Littératures et langues modernes Petro-gothic: Energy, Ecology, Fear

Hamilton, Scott
Wilfrid Laurier University Sciences politiques Rethinking Governance and Circulation: Global Cycles of Carbon, Water, and Radioactive Fallout

Mant, Madeleine
Photo : avec la permission de Alexander Young
Memorial University of Newfoundland Archaeologie  Stories in Sailors' Bones: A multi-proxy approach to understanding health and life-histories of trans-Atlantic voyagers through the 18th-19th centuries

Mcewan, Desmond
University of Victoria Psychologie Working Together to Enhance Physical Activity: An Examination of Teamwork Processes in Physical Education Settings

Miller, Natalie
University of Maryland Psychologie Early childhood predictors of children's social appraisal and social competence: A longitudinal investigation

Newell, Robert
Royal Roads University Urbanisme, aménagement régional et études environnementales Exploring place-based interactive visualizations as tools for supporting community engagement, collaborative planning and evidence-based local decision-making

Okpanachi, Eyene
University of Victoria Sciences politiques To Save or Not to Save: Institutions, Politics, and Natural Resource Funds (NRFs). What Can Resource-Based Economies Learn from Botswana and Nigeria?

Quirouette, Marianne
Université d'Ottawa Droit Working the Margins: Defense Lawyers in Criminal Courts Negotiating Complexity and Disadvantage

Rasmussen, Laura
Photo : avec la permission de University of Copenhagen
The University of British Columbia Géographie
Can agricultural intensification and expansion perversely lead to lower food security among local people?

Rioux Ouimet, Hubert
École nationale d'administration publique Sciences politiques Les agences publiques régionales de développement économique: origines, formes et responsabilités.

Ruiz, Rafico
University of Alberta Communications et études des médias Arctic Infrastructures: Telecommunications, Transit Zones, and Connection in Apex, Nunavut

Seli, Paul
Harvard University Psychologie Enhancing learning in educational settings by minimizing the influence of distracting thoughts

Sengupta, Mayuri
The University of British Columbia Études sur les femmes Gendered subjects and natural forest management in Tripura (Northeast India)

Sutherland, Shelbie
University of Toronto Psychologie Explicit and implicit biases to learn about social categories: An investigation of their development and how to restrict them.

Vives Gonzalez, Celia (Luna)
Université McGill  Études pluridisciplinaires Towards Equal Access to Health Hervices for First Nations Children Living on Reserve: Tracking Jordan's Principle Implementation in Manitoba
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