Chercheurs postdoctoraux Banting 2017-2018




Nom Établissement d'accueil Discipline Titre du projetNote en bas de page 2

Balsevich, Georgia
University of Calgary Recherche en santé The Endocannabinoid System in Glucocorticoid-Induced Metabolic Outcomes: A Focus on Genetic Variants of Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase

Campbell, Kieran
The University of British Columbia Génomique, protéomique et bioinformatique Deciphering the adaptive and encoded drug response in ovarian cancer with single cell sequencing and scalable statistical modeling

Caron, Alexandre
Photo : avec la permission de Beni Stewart
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Métabolisme/diabète Leptin revisited: role of melanocortin neurons in glucose and leptin regulation

Chiasseu Mbeumi, Marius Trésor
Photo : avec la permission de Yale School of Medicine
Yale University Système nerveux Role of brain injury in the induction of Alzheimer's disease in a humanized mouse model

Cruceanu, Cristiana
Photo : avec la permission de MPI of Psychiatry
Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry Santé mentale Prenatal stress investigation at the single-cell level: a multi-omics study in the cerebral organoid model

Da Silva, Michael
Université McGill Dimensions sociétales et culturelles de la santé Theorizing a Federal Role in Health Care in an Age of Nation-to-Nation Interaction

Drouin-Chartier, Jean-Philippe
Photo : avec la permission de Louise Leblanc
Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition Dairy product plasma metabolites and cardiovascular disease

Dunlop, Katharine
Photo : avec la permission de Milan Ilnyckyj
Weill Cornell Medical College Santé mentale Are neurobiological features defining subtypes of brain dysfunction in major depressive disorder trait or state? Characterizing the determinants of familial risk and treatment remission in neurobiologically-derived subtypes of major depressive disorder.

Fares, Iman
Dana Farber Cancer Institute Cancer The context-dependent role of BCOR mutations in Myelodysplastic Syndrome pathogenesis.

Gomez-Carrillo Castro, Ana
Université McGill Santé mentale Integrating person-centered and precision psychiatry in the clinical assessment of depression

Hata, Masayuki
Université de Montréal Métabolisme/diabète Cellular senescence in diabetic retinopathy

Khan, Kabir
Sunnybrook Research Institute Cancer Developing an entirely new anti-vascular therapy approach to treat metastatic cancer by targeting vessel co-option

Kim, Tae Hun
Hospital for Sick Children Biochimie Investigating the structural, biophysical and biochemical properties of large-scale protein association and liquid-liquid phase separation in neurological disorders.

Kowalec, Kaarina
Karolinska Institutet Génomique, protéomique et bioinformatique Identifying Clinical, Demographic, & Genomic Risk Factors for Treatment-Resistant Psychiatric Disorders

Macri, Erin
Erasmus Medical Centre Muscle, os ou articulation Patellofemoral osteoarthritis: evaluating risk factors and mechanisms of structural features with or without pain

McAlpine, Cameron
Massachusetts General Hospital Cardiovasculaire Sleep controls hematopoiesis and regulates atherosclerosis: a novel neuro-immune axis

Moore, Sarah
The University of British Columbia Génétique Prenatal epigenetic programming of infant stress reactivity

Pascoe, Christopher
Photo : avec la permission de Blake Camden
University of Manitoba Respiration Understanding the association between artificial sweetener consumption during pregnancy and the increased risk of asthma in offspring.

Quinn, Amity
University of Calgary Recherche sur les services de santé Comparing how fee-for-service and salary-based specialist physician payment affects patient selection, visit frequency, delivery of recommended services, and health care costs of Albertans with chronic disease

Shirane, Kenjiro
Photo : avec la permission de Paul Joseph
The University of British Columbia Génomique, protéomique et bioinformatique Defining the Roles of Overgrowth Syndrome Genes in Shaping Developmental Gene Networks in Early Embryos

Stokes, Jonathan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Bactériologie Modulating bacterial cell metabolism to enhance the efficacy of antibiotics

Svenningsen, Sarah
Photo : avec la permission de JD Howell
McMaster University Respiration Pulmonary MRI to investigate airway inflammation and improve asthma patient outcomes

Wisnovsky, Simon
Stanford University Cancer Uncovering the Oncogenic Drivers of Cancer Glycocalyx Remodelling Using Chemical-Genetic Screening
Nom Établissement d'accueil Discipline Titre du projetNote en bas de page 2

Barutcu, Ahmet
University of Toronto Biologie cellulaire et moléculaire - biologie moléculaire Identification and characterization of RNA Interactions that support nuclear architecture

Benoit, Michael
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Génie chimique, biomédical et des sciences des matériaux - science et technologie des matériaux Development of high strength aluminum alloys suitable for additive manufacturing

Boott, Charlotte
The University of British Columbia Chimie - chimie des polymères Novel responsive elastomeric chiral nematic materials from cellulose

Brink, Kirstin
The University of British Columbia Évolution et écologie - évolution et écologie The Development of Complex Tooth Shapes in Reptiles as a Model for the Evolution of Heterodonty in Mammals

Brownscombe, Jacob
Dalhousie University Évolution et écologie - écologie animale Integrating spatial, energetic, and resource ecology to inform fundamental science and conservation

Bujold, Katherine
Northwestern University Chimie - chimie organique Positively-charged spherical nucleic acids (SNA) for applications in biomedicine

Cayuela, Hugo
Université Laval Évolution et écologie - comportement Bases génétiques et transcriptionnelles de l'évolution de la dispersion chez un protiste : parallélisme ou convergence?

Claveau-Mallet, Dominique
Université McGill Génie chimique, biomédical et des matériaux science - génie chimique Investigating the Facilitated Transport of Emerging Contaminants by Nanoplastics in Groundwater

Corbeil Therrien, Audrey
Photo : avec la permission de Rene Marquis, Université de Sherbrooke
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Génie électrique - appareils à photons Characterization, simulation and design of high-intensity, high-speed detectors for the LCLS-II XFEL experiments.

Crane, Adam
Université Concordia Évolution et écologie - comportement The neophobic phenotype as a model for post-traumatic stress disorder

Dargent, Felipe
Université d’Ottawa Évolution et écologie - évolution et écologie Illusions of dilution: Can evolution of resistance against parasites offset high infection rates caused by biodiversity loss?

Ellis, Leah
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Physique et astronomie - technologie de carburant et d'énergie Solid Electrolytes for Safer and Longer-Lasting Lithium-ion Cells

Gagné, Jonathan
Photo : avec la permission de Amélie Philibert
Université de Montréal Physique et astronomie - astronomie et astrophysique The Opportunity of Isolated Planetary-Mass Objects to Characterize the Atmospheres of Giant Exoplanets

Hennigar, Robie
Memorial University of Newfoundland Physique et astronomie - physique et chimie théorique Complexity, Chaos, and the Chemistry of Black Holes

Horslen, Brian
Photo : avec la permission de Walter Rich, GT/Emory BME
Emory University Biologie végétale et animale - neurophysiologie How current movement shapes future sensory feedback: A multiscale investigation of how changing muscle mechanics affects muscle spindle sensory feedback and control of standing balance.

Khong, Anthony
Photo : avec la permission de
University of Colorado at Boulder Biologie cellulaire et moléculaire - biologie moléculaire Stress Granule Functions in RNA Biology and Cell Signaling

Mazel, Florent
Photo : avec la permission de Paul Joseph
The University of British Columbia Évolution et écologie - évolution et écologie MICRODIV - From mice to elephants: Integrating ecology, evolution and genomics to model mammalian gut MICRObiome DIVersity

Mellerup, Soren
Bayerische-Julius-Maximilians University Würzburg Chimie - chimie inorganique Push-Pull Stabilization of Unprecedented Boron-Element Multiple Bonds

Osmond, Matthew
University of California, Davis Évolution et écologie - théorie de l'évolution Inferring the interplay between selection and demography from genetic data

Owens, Gregory
Photo : avec la permission de Sylvestre Photography
University of California, Berkeley Évolution et écologie - évolution et écologie Developing methods to detect and quantify hybridization across the tree of life.

Pemberton, Joshua
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Biologie cellulaire et moléculaire - biologie cellulaire Investigating the cellular regulation of phosphatidylinositol metabolism.

Rizzuto, Felix
Université McGill Chimie - chimie des polymères DNA Nanocages for the Targeted Cellular Delivery of Chemotherapeutics

Tran, Huy
Photo : avec la permission de Seth Hansen
California Institute of Technology Psychologie - processus fondamentaux Zebrafish neuropeptide VF (NPVF): A novel neuropeptide regulating vertebrate sleep
Wood, Corlett University of Toronto Évolution et écologie - évolution et écologie The genetic basis, ecological mediators, and evolutionary consequences of tradeoffs between attracting mutualists and repelling parasites in the legume genus Medicago
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Benessaiah, Karina
Photo : avec la permission de Cinergies
Université McGill Géographie Crisis and opportunity: how are social-ecological transformations scaling-up?

Blanchet, Rosanne
University of Alberta Travail social Evaluating an Indigenous food sovereignty initiative: Outcomes of the Syilx-led reintroduction of Okanagan sockeye salmon through habitat restoration on Syilx culture, wellbeing and food security

Bonneau, Adelphine
University of Oxford Archéologie "Through the veil": Revealing Mysteries of San Rock Art

Cascio, Melissa Ariel
Photo : avec la permission d'IRCM
Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal (IRCM) Anthropologie Developing Person-Oriented Ethics for Autism Research: Diversity, Inclusion, and Collaboration with Autism Advocates

Darroch, Francine
The University of British Columbia Sociologie Making a Move: Examining the Role of Fathers in Mother's Well-Being on the Downtown Eastside

Datta, Ranjan
University of Regina Études urbaines et régionales, études environnementales Indigenous Energy Philosophy - Contributing to a Resilient Energy Transition

Devisscher, Tahia
The University of British Columbia Études urbaines et régionales, études environnementales Building green and resilient cities: a socio-ecological approach to urban forestry and climate change adaptation

Godbout, Elisabeth
Photo : avec la permission de Jean-François Dion, NOID Multimedia
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Travail social L'interprétation du meilleur intérêt de l'enfant dans les expertises et jugements en matière de garde et de droits d'accès

Guiry, Eric
Photo : avec la permission de Joseph Hepburn
Trent University Archéologie Exploring the environmental impacts of Iroquoian and historic land use practices on lake ecosystems in Ontario using archaeological chemistry

Helmus, L. Maaike
Photo : avec la permission de Victoria University of Wellington
University of Saskatchewan Psychologie Improving Violence Risk Communication: Application of the Justice Center Standardized Risk Framework to the Violence Risk Appraisal Guide - Revised (VRAG-R) and Validation with Aboriginal Offenders

Joynt, Chase
Photo : avec la permission de N. Maxwell Lander
University of Chicago Études interdisciplinaires Framing Agnes: Transgender Case History and the Construction of Expert Knowledge

Le, Bonnie
University of Toronto Gestion, affaires, études administratives How Social Class Impacts Negotiation Styles and Outcomes

Maddison-MacFadyen, Margot
Nipissing University Géographie "Mind the Onion Seed!": The Bermuda Onion, Slave Narratives, Plant Knowledge and Seventeenth- to Twentieth-Century Commerce in the Global North Atlantic

Madore, Frédérick
University of Florida Histoire L'islam en contexte minoritaire dans des villes du Golfe de Guinée: mutations internes et participation politique des communautés musulmanes du Bénin et du Togo (depuis 1960)

Payette, Alex
University of Toronto Science politique Local Confucian groups and Care arrangements in contemporary China: reclaiming filial behaviour, Care penalty and competing narratives.

Pyne, Jake
University of Guelph Études interdisciplinaires Dis/human Others: A Discursive and New Media Exploration of Autistic and Transgender Forms of Life

Rannaud, Adrien
Photo : avec la permission de Atwood Photographie
Université du Québec à Montréal Littérature, langues modernes De la mondanité à la célébrité : déploiement médiatique du vedettariat et vie culturelle au Québec (1918-1965)

Ritter, Caroline
The University of British Columbia Sociologie Use of social network analysis to determine the most influential personal relationships on dairy farmers' animal health and welfare management
Schoenberger, Laura Université d’Ottawa Études urbaines et régionales, études environnementales Sand grabbing: Disentangling land, water and sand to reveal new struggles for territory

Sharpe, Marina
Université McGill Droit The Two-way Relationship Between the Free Movement of Persons and Refugee Protection

Sloan Morgan, Vanessa
Photo : avec la permission de Sonya Kruger, UNBC
University of Northern British Columbia Géographie Inheritors of the Future: Community-Driven Voices of Youth Contemplating Resource Development of Indigenous and Northern Geographies in British Columbia

Smith, Julia
University of Alberta Histoire Labour Feminists in Canada

Sodero, Stephanie
University of Edinburgh Sociologie Circulating blood: Medical supply chains and infrastructure disruption
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