Banting Postdoctoral Researchers 2019–2020




Name Host institution Discipline Project titleFootnote 2

Abdullahi, Abdikarim
Photo courtesy of Tiffany Ma
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Metabolism/Diabetes Turning White Fat into Energy-burning Brown Fat: New hope in the fight against Obesity.

Balasco Serrão, Vitor Hugo
University of Toronto Biochemistry Human fertilization: understanding the molecular role between Izumo1, Juno and CD9

Bhawra, Jasmin
University of Saskatchewan Environmental Influences on Health An innovative mHealth platform for monitoring and responding to food insecurity and mental health impacts of climate change in the Canadian North

Bin, Na Ryum
Harvard Medical School Nervous System Neural Basis of Sickness Behaviour

Bixby, Honor
McGill University Population Health Comprehensive analysis of health inequalities in global cities

Burrows, Kyle
University of Toronto Immunology-Transplantation Alterations in pulmonary pathogenesis by a protozoan stimulated gut-lung axis

Cagnetta, Roberta
McGill University Nervous System Role and regulatory mechanisms of pre- versus post-synaptic mRNA translation in memory formation and retrieval within glutamatergic neurons of an intact neural circuit

Eldeeb, Mohamed
McGill University Biochemistry Structure of human PINK1-TOM complex by single-particle cryo-EM

Fitzpatrick, Tiffany
Yale University Population Health Understanding spatial and population mixing variations in the transmission dynamics of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) to inform RSV vaccine delivery strategies which optimize population-level vaccine and reduce disparities: development and validation of a transmission (simulation) model, using administrative health data and cutting-edge spatio-temporal Bayesian method

Hategeka, Celestin
Photo courtesy of Marthe Hategeka
Harvard School of Public Health (Massachusetts) Health Services Research Improving Health System Quality Through Better Measurement and Service Delivery Redesign

Hooda, Yogesh
Medical Research Council (UK) Cell Biology Mechanisms for assembly of membrane protein complexes in the endoplasmic reticulum

Hysi, Eno
Unity Health Toronto Renal Function, Nephrology, Urology Photoacoustic imaging of kidney fibrosis: A tool for assessing pre-transplant organ quality

Knowles, Nikolas
Photo courtesy of Don Molyneaux
University of Calgary Muscle, Bone or Joint Elucidating early bone alterations following acute rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament contributing to the development of post-traumatic osteoarthritis

Labrecque, Jeremy
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (The Netherlands) Health Research Determining the effectiveness of changes in health behaviours for reducing the risk of breast cancer in women at higher genetic risk: the TAIGA-BC study

Latreille, Véronique
McGill University Psychosocial/Health Behavioural Res. Stimulating the sleeping brain to improve memory

Laumont, Céline
Photo courtesy of Alexandra McDonald
The University of British Columbia Cancer B cell-mediated immunity in high-grade serous ovarian cancer

McCloskey, Curtis
Photo courtesy of Dr. Virginie Defamie
University Health Network (Toronto) Cancer Phenogenomic profiling of the high-risk human breast

Michaels, Jonathan
The University of Western Ontario Nervous System Understanding how sensory information contributes to reach control

Michaels, Yale
Photo courtesy of Shane Marmel
The University of British Columbia Molecular Biology Engineering pluripotent stem cells to provide a renewable source of T-cells for immunotherapy

MohammadiAzad, MohammadTaha
Photo courtesy of Mina Ghahremani
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Cancer Combined oncolytic virotherapy and Hippo signaling targeting for cancer treatment

Saez, Tamara
University of Alberta Cardiovascular Vascular mechanisms for the long-term effect of the pregnancy disorder preeclampsia on the maternal risk of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis later in life

Sultana, Tania
Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute (Toronto) Genetics Dissecting the mechanisms and long-term impact of activation of transposons by gestational stress

Wallace, Lindsay
University of Cambridge Aging Untangling the relationship ageing, frailty, and dementia.

Zeraatkar, Dena
Harvard Medical School Environmental Influences on Health Analytic methods to identify important relationships between environmental exposures and health outcomes using epidemiologic and other large-scale observational data
Name Host institution Discipline Project titleFootnote 2

Benz, Susanne
Dalhousie University Earth Sciences - Earth Science Climate Change in the Subsurface – Future Scenarios for Geothermal Potential, Groundwater Quality, Permafrost Thaw and Groundwater-Dependent Ecosystems

Bruce, Chris
Photo courtesy of Anna Duwenig
Queen Mary University of London Mathematical Sciences - Pure Mathematics Number theory, semigroups, and operator algebras

Dagdeviren, Omur
McGill University Physics and Astronomy - Condensed Matter Physics Revealing the Exciton Dynamics and Challenging the Existence of Trapped-Excitons

dos Passos Gomes, Gabriel
University of Toronto Chemistry - Organic Chemistry Designing Catalysts with Artificial Intelligence

Gallaugher, Michael
McMaster University Mathematical Sciences - Statistics And Probability Topics in Clustering and Classification

Grégoire, Daniel
Photo courtesy of Mitacs
University of Waterloo Evolution and Ecology - Microbial Ecology Digging Deep Into Dioxane Biodegradation

Guo, Fumin
University of Toronto Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Integration of multi-modality MRI to improve ventricular tachycardia management and patient outcomes

Huberman, Samuel
Université de Montréal Computing Sciences - Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Solutions to the Problems of Scaling and Representation in Automated Material Discovery

Jones, Eric
Simon Fraser University Cellular and Molecular Biology - Biophysics Ecological control theory in the microbiome

Kasimatis, Katja
University of Toronto Evolution and Ecology - Evolution and Ecology Genomic Resolution of Sexual Conflict: Dynamic Evolution of Modifiers of Dominance

Keinath, Alexandra
McGill University Psychology - Behavioural Neuroscience A causal test of the hippocampal circuits mediating pattern completion

Kumar, Ritu
University of Waterloo Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Materials Science and Technology Augmenting hydrogen production efficiency using porous 2D heterostructured electrocatalysts

Leclerc, Martin
Université Laval Evolution and Ecology - Animal Ecology Migration et prédation dans un système herbivore-omnivore-carnivore

Mackereth, John
Photo courtesy of Laura Mackereth
University of Toronto Physics and Astronomy - Astronomy and Astrophysics Blueprints for galaxy assembly using simulations and observations of the Milky Way and its connection to the galaxy population, near and far

McDonough, Evan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Physics and Astronomy - Physics Cosmological Complementarity and the Dark Universe

Meanwell, Michael
Photo courtesy of Dimitrios Panagopoulos
The Scripps Research Institute Chemistry - Organic Chemistry Late-stage borylation of unactivated C-H (sp3) bonds: establishing a platform for rapid drug-lead diversification and PET imaging

Narayan, Abhishek
University of Alberta Cellular and Molecular Biology - Biophysics Effects of familial ALS mutations on the misfolding mechanisms of SOD1 studied at the single-molecule level

Peers, Michael
Memorial University of Newfoundland Evolution and Ecology - Evolution and Ecology Keeping pace with a changing world: assessing the rate of adaptation to climate change

Rudman, Seth
Photo courtesy of Georgina Cox
University of Guelph Evolution and Ecology - Evolution and Ecology Assessing the predictability and ecological effects of rapid evolution of Daphnia in response to harmful algal blooms

Silber, Reynold
Yale University Earth Sciences - Geophysics Effects of high pressure on diffusion creep in olivine: Geophysical implications for observed seismic anisotropy and shear localization

Skierszkan, Elliott
University of Saskatchewan Earth Sciences - Geochemistry and Geochronology Indirect effects of climate change on water security: Uranium contamination of water resources in subarctic regions

Speagle, Joshua
Photo courtesy of Sebastian Gomez
University of Toronto Physics and Astronomy - Astronomy and Astrophysics Building an Integrated Model of the Stars, Dust, and Gas in the Milky Way

Tulloch-McShane, Vivitskaia
The University of British Columbia Evolution and Ecology - Wildlife Management Ecosystem-based models to inform tactical management: new solutions to prevent decline of threatened and endangered resident killer whales in multiple-use areas
Name Host institution Discipline Project titleFootnote 2

Angus, Siobhan
Yale University Fine Arts Photography in deep-time: Materiality, resource extraction, and climate change

Beauvais, Edana
Duke University Political Science  White Identity Politics in Comparative Perspective: Canada and the United States

Bradette, Marie-Eve
University of Regina Literature, Modern Languages and  Reclaiming Truth, Agency, and Affectivity through Writing: Reading the Trauma Legacy in Indigenous Women's Residential School Literatures

Brisson, Pierre-Luc
Photo courtesy of Clément Salviani
McGill University History Fear: A Study on the Impacts of International Unipolarity on Rome's Decision-Making Process in the Second Century BCE (200-146 BCE), and the Role of Fear as a Political and Social Construct Within Roman Public Opinion.

Brun del Re, Ariane
Photo courtesy of Vincent Kember
Université de Montréal Literature, Modern Languages and « L’inscription de la francophonie canadienne dans la littérature québécoise récente (2005-2020) »

Eke, Surulola
Queen's University Political Science  Resource Scarcity, Exclusionary Politics and the Spatial Variation of Autochthonous Conflicts in Ghanaian and Nigerian Cities

Farrell, Ann
University of Ottawa Psychology A Longitudinal Developmental Examination of Childhood Bullying as a Precursor to Aggression and Victimization across the Lifespan

Guntermann, Eric
University of California - Berkeley Political Science  How Big of a Challenge Are Far-Right Parties to Democracy? Using Panel Studies to Assess the Influence of Far-Right Parties on Citizens' Political Attitudes

Hussain, Salman
York University Anthropology Hijra Human Rights and Legal Recognition in Pakistan: Gender Justice, ‘Third Gender’ and Embodied Identity

Johnston, Patricia
Photo courtesy of Jonathan Luedee
University of Washington Social Work Inuit child and family wellbeing: Exploring an Inuit approach to child welfare through a community-based participatory research in Arviat, Nunavut

Lavoie, Bertrand
Photo courtesy of Manoucheka L
McGill University Interdisciplinary Studies  L'éthique en contexte de diversité des valeurs religieuses : recherche collaborative avec une unité d'éthique clinique dans un hôpital pédiatrique québécois

Letham, Bryn
Simon Fraser University Archaeology Bridging the Past and the Present on the Pacific Coast of North America: Archaeology, Geology, and Indigenous History of Gitga'at Cultural Keystone Places

Mamontova, Nadezhda
University of Northern British Columbia Geography Vernacular Geography and Indigenous Participatory Mapping in Soviet Russia: Examining the Legacy of Glafira Vasilevich’s Cartographic Project

McDowell, Graham
Photo courtesy of Dr. Vaibhav Kaul
University of Zurich Geography  Limits to climate change adaptation in mountain regions: A new research frontier

Moritz, Sarah
Concordia University Anthropology Honouring Salmon: Relational Ecologies across Salish Worlds in the Pacific Northwest

Ross, Sara
Dalhousie University Law Potent Spaces of Cultural Heritage, Heritage Dissonance, and Overlapping Heritage Interests in the City: Localizing UNESCO’s “Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape” for Stakeholder Balancing and Managing Marginalized Property, Heritage, and Displacement in Halifax

Sawchuk, Elizabeth
University of Alberta Archaeology Health and herding around Lake Turkana, Kenya: archaeological perspectives on climate change, mobile pastoralism, and resilience in eastern Africa

Sokolowski, Helen Moriah
Baycrest Hospital Psychology Understanding occupational success: An investigation of the cognitive and neural factors that predict career success in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology (STEM).

Sondarjee, Maïka
Université de Montréal Sociology Les pratiques d’empowerment des femmes et l’expansion de leur citoyenneté
Le cas de l’Association Munyu au Burkina Faso

Suarez, Carla
Graduate Institute Geneva Political Science ‘Putting down the gun and returning home’: The role of social ties in peacebuilding

Watts, Galen
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Sociology  The Spiritual Turn at Work: Self-Realization, Self-Expression, and Self-Authority in the Twenty-First Century Workplace

Wiseman, Matthew
St. Jerome's University (Waterloo) History Curiosity and Resolve: A Gender-Based Analysis of the National Research Council and the History of Women Scientists in Canada, 1920–2020

Wyman, Joshua
University of Ontario Institute of Technology Criminology Examining the needs of victims, bystanders, law enforcement and health professionals for increasing disclosures of elder maltreatment.
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