Banting Postdoctoral Researchers 2023–2024




Name Host institution Discipline Project titleFootnote 2

Almeida de Oliveira, Amanda
Photo courtesy of: Women and Children's Health Research Institute
University of Alberta Cardiovascular Investigating the gestational and long-term effects of excessive hypercholesterolemia during pregnancy on maternal vascular health

Archambault, Anne-Sophie
Photo courtesy of: BC Children's Hospital Research Institute Communications department
University of British Columbia Cancer Regulation of anabolic metabolism in anti-tumour T cells

Bilodeau, Philippe-Antoine
Massachusetts General Hospital Nervous System Gamma delta T cell ligands in multiple sclerosis

Champagne-Jorgensen, Kevin
University of Toronto Immunology-Transplantation Manipulating the Microbiome to Prevent MS Progression

Cook, Jonathan
University of Oxford Drug Research Efficacy of a Plasmodium falciparum subunit vaccine and correlates of immunity in malaria-naïve adults following vaccination and challenge via controlled human malaria infection.

Drake, Sienna
Photo courtesy of: Vinay Dhalla, @themidnightmedia
The Brigham and Women's Hospital, Inc. Nervous System 'FINDing' hippocampal astrocyte subsets that regulate stress and memory

Ewald, Jessica
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics Detecting chemical toxicity with multi-omics data in increasingly complex in vitro liver models

Fiselier, Anna
Photo courtesy of: Alena Dorozhkina
Simon Fraser University Environmental Influences on Health Molecular etiology and sexual dimorphism of CBD-containing electronic cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury (EVALI)

Jessa, Selin
Stanford University Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics Deciphering gene regulation in brain development and disruption in disease using interpretable machine learning

Kavanagh, Meaghan
Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition PRotein sources for Optimal health in an Aging GEneration (PRO-AGE)

Kinshella, Mai-Lei
King's College London Reproduction/Pregnancy Mechanisms for pre-eclampsia prevention within a triple burden of malnutrition in sub-Saharan Africa

LaPierre, Mary
Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre Nervous System A neural basis for the coordinated control of thermal and osmotic homeostasis

Levesque, Sébastien
Boston Children's Hospital Molecular Biology Prime editing TINF2 in human hematopoietic stem cells to understand telomere length control and treat dyskeratosis congenita

Li, Lin
University of Toronto Mental Health Characteristics and Care TRansitions of Youth With NeuroDevelopmental Conditions Aging Out of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (TReND Study)

Ma, Zhenwei
University of British Columbia Cancer Hydrogel adhesive artificial mucosa: a paradigm-shifting platform for esophageal cancer treatment and management

Meganathan, Ilamaran
University of Alberta Cardiovascular Enriched hydrogel scaffold as a platform for cell and drug delivery to treat aortic aneurysm

Noel, Nicole
University College London (UK) Vision Investigating Molecular Causes of Retinal Disease in Turquoise Killifish, A Naturally Occurring Model of Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Perrier, Stefanie
Boston Children's Hospital Nervous System Unravelling early life nutritional influences on child brain development: An MRI and machine learning approach

Primeau, Codie
Photo courtesy of: Justin Sim Photography
University of British Columbia Population Health Leveraging Citizen Science for Inclusive Pain Research: Maximizing Public Engagement to Co-Develop Research Questions with 2SLGBTQIA+ Communities

Sinno, Jad
Photo courtesy of: V. Tony Hauser
University of Toronto Societal & Cultural Dimensions Of Health Addressing Stigma Across the Life Course: A Critical Exploration of Interventions and Programs for Queer Peoples in Canada

Yeung, Cindy Hoi Ting
Hospital for Sick Children Drug Research Advancing towards model-informed precision dosing: Ontogeny and pharmacogenetics of commonly used drugs in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Zaccagnini, Marco
University of Ottawa Health Services Research Empowering Respiratory Therapists in Evidence-Informed Practice: Field-Testing Micro-Credentials for Enhanced Outcomes and Healthcare Efficiency

Zenone, Marco
University of British Columbia Cancer Exploiting Terminally Ill Cancer Patients with False Hope: The Role of Harmful Online Ecosystems
Name Host institution Discipline Project titleFootnote 2

Asaad, Saba
York University Electrical Engineering - Communications Systems Over-the-Air Federated Learning via Benchmark Wireless Network Architectures

Cook, Adam
Stanford University Chemistry - Organic Chemistry Breaching biological barriers: A systematic approach towards the chemical design, synthesis, characterization and evaluation of discrete charge-altering releasable transporters (CARTs), novel polyanion delivery systems, for improved treatments for prophylactic, therapeutic and diagnostic interventions with applications towards HIV/AIDS eradication and cancer immunotherapy

Cromwell, Christopher
Massachusetts General Hospital Cellular and Molecular Biology - Molecular Biology Engineering compact OMEGA genome editors to improve research and clinical applications

Cyr, Bryce
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Physics and Astronomy - Astronomy and Astrophysics Unveiling the Primordial Universe through Synergistic Aspects of CMB Spectral Distortions

Douglas, Gavin
North Carolina State University Evolution and Ecology - Microbial Ecology Detecting selection based on predicted changes in protein structure, with application to bacterial genomics

Ferraro, Kristy
Photo courtesy of: Dr. Annise Dobson
Memorial University of Newfoundland Evolution and Ecology - Terrestrial Ecology A framework for large mammal conservation as a nature-based solution to climate change

Heim, Amy
Université de Sherbrooke Evolution and Ecology - Evolution and Ecology Climate Change and Ecosystem Function: A Bi-polar Exploration of the Bryosphere

Jiang, Albert
Photo courtesy of: Ben Zeng
University of Waterloo Civil and Mechanical Engineering - Environmental Engineering Hydrology and Socio-Metabolic Risk (Hydro-SMR) Analysis: Modelling Water Dynamics and Cascade Effects on Small Island States

Khan, Shadman
California Institute of Technology Plant and Animal Biology - Food Science and Technology A Bacteriophage Distribution Platform to Eliminate Pathogens and Extend the Shelf Life of Food

Looby, Audrey
University of Victoria Evolution and Ecology - Aquatic Ecology and Limnology Acoustic attenuation through marine habitats: a hypothesized ecosystem service mitigating noise pollution globally

MacDonald, Daniel
Brigham and Women's Hospital Cellular and Molecular Biology - Microbiology Statistical machine learning models for inferring microbial interactions at scale across space and time

Majidy, Shayan
Photo courtesy of: Gabriela Secara
Princeton University Physics and Astronomy - Physics Bolstering quantum technologies using noncommuting charges

Martinig, April Robin
University of British Columbia Evolution and Ecology - Evolution and Ecology Big data in proactive conservation: Disentangling variable movement responses of animals to climate change

McDevitt-Irwin, Jamie
University of British Columbia Evolution and Ecology - Evolution and Ecology The cascading consequences of biodiversity loss: what makes a food web resistant to secondary extinctions?

Melly, Stephen
York University Civil and Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Development of the computational constitutive model for super-soft 4D bioprinted materials

Meng, Fanwang
Photo courtesy of: RosettaCommons
Queen's University Chemistry - Physical Chemistry Drug Discovery with Machine Learning: Model Development and Applications

Mirani, Bahram
Harvard University Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Engineering hypoimmunogenic blood vessels that recapitulate native human arteries

Peng, Jian
The University of Western Ontario Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Materials Science and Technology Next-generation All-solid-state sodium-ion batteries for Energy Storage

Prokopenko, Christina
(no photo)
University of British Columbia Evolution and Ecology - Wildlife Management Evaluating the behavioural resilience of wildlife confronted with acute climate threats

Riad, Keroles
Photo courtesy of: Concordia University
Carleton University Civil and Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Scalable synthesis of graphene systems using flame spray pyrolysis

Xu, Minghan
Photo courtesy of: Dorsa Zare
University of British Columbia Civil and Mechanical Engineering - Mining and Mineral Processing Sustainable mine energy systems in Canada's north: Mitigation and adaptation strategies for climate change

Yang, Min
Photo courtesy of: Ming Li
Memorial University of Newfoundland Civil and Mechanical Engineering - Environmental Engineering Impact of Fishing Gear on Marine Environments: Release of Microplastics and Additives, and Inhibition of Phytoplankton Photosynthesis and Carbon Sequestration

Zhang, Yangfan
Harvard University Plant and Animal Biology - Animal Biology Bioenergetics of Collective Behaviour: Bridging Biomechanics and Bio-robotics

Zhu, Xia
Memorial University of Newfoundland Earth Sciences - Oceanography The settling flux of plastic pollution and its influence on carbon sequestration in the deep ocean
Name Host institution Discipline Project titleFootnote 2

Anagnostou, Michelle
University of Oxford Interdisciplinary Studies Using implementation science to understand the determinants of successful financial investigations into international illegal wildlife trade

Barbeau-Julien, Kheana
University of Calgary Psychology Moving from risk to resilience: An intersectional examination of how identity-related experiences shape sexual and gender minority individuals' relationships with their body, food, and physical activity

Boivin, Noémie
Université de Sherbrooke Law Contention humanitaire de la migration irrégulière : ethnographie juridique en territoires de transit au Mexique

Canas, Tania
Photo courtesy of: Jody Haines Photography
The University of Western Ontario Fine Arts Creative approaches to postwar memory: Canada and Australia

Champagne, Marie-Pier
Photo courtesy of: Jean Rodier
North Carolina State University (NCSU) Economics Walk my way: The impact of pedestrianization on local changes. The empirical analysis of pedestrianization on business location, commercial rent, gentrification, and longevity.

Charland, Thara
Université du Québec à Montréal Literature and Modern Languages Le réel dessiné : bande dessinée et pratiques documentaires au Québec

Dizon, Kristine
Photo courtesy of: Bernard Doughty
Concordia University Literature and Modern Languages Situated Resonances: Poetic-Musical Performances in Critical Contexts and Creative Compositions

Ferguson, Lorna
Memorial University of Newfoundland Criminology Exploring Stress in Police Search and Rescue: Impacts and Solutions

Gallo Garcia, Carolina
Photo courtesy of: Concordia University
Concordia University Sociology Migrant women and economic integration: building 'good' citizenship through entrepreneurship in Québec

Galmiche-Essue, Julia
Université de Sherbrooke Literature and Modern Languages Histoire du livre et mémoire de la littérature chez les écrivain.e.s africain.e.s francophones de la diaspora (1999-2021)

Garde, Jonah
Photo courtesy of: Hayf Photography
The University of British Columbia Interdisciplinary Studies Germany and the Trans Historical Imaginary: Affective Reimaginations of the Transgender Past

Grenier, Véronique
Institut national de la recherche scientifique Education Stratification des offres scolaires au Québec : inégalités régionales et stratégies familiales

Lecavalier, Emma
University of Sheffield Policial Science From Commitment to Climate Action: Building Local Capacities for Overcoming the Urban Policy Implementation Gap

Lin, Hause
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Psychology Developing effective and scalable theory-driven interventions for combating unreliable and hyperpartisan content on social media

McMahon, Lucas
The University of Winnipeg Mediaeval Studies Information and Empire in New Rome

Morneau-Vaillancourt, Geneviève
Université de Montréal Psychology Identifying new modifiable targets for prevention of emotional problems in young adulthood using genetically sensitive designs in three population-based longitudinal cohorts

Ng, Lynn Yu Ling
York University Policial Science Care for All is Care that Pulls Us Through

Nijs, Wim
University of Toronto Classics, Classical & Dead Language Philodemus on Flattery: a Neglected Epicurean Voice in an Ancient Philosophical Debate

Quinton, Jessica
Photo courtesy of: Paulo Ramos, University of British Columbia
McGill University Urban and Regional Studies, Environmental Social sustainability and equity of mixed-use development in Canadian cities

Ramón Celis, Pedro Guillermo
Photo courtesy of: Juan Cortázar González
McGill University Anthropology Community-Collaborative Zapotec Archaeology: Investigating Commoner Roles in Guiengola's Late Postclassic Urban Landscape

Shank Lauwo, Monica
McGill University Education Stories of lives and literacies: Imagining futures, identities, and decolonial educational possibilities with Tanzanian girls

Steckley, Joshua
Carleton University Geography Creole pigs and capitalist pigs: How the swine fever eradication and repopulation program in Haiti informs future interventions around disease, capital, and our contradictory relationship to nature

Stepanova, Ekaterina
KTH Royal Institute of Technology Communications and Media Studies Feeling nature: Body-centric approach to design of immersive experiences cultivating an aesthetic appreciation of nature to dissolve human-nature dualism and promote sustainability.
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