Other opportunities

Lindau Nobel Laureate meetings

The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings foster the exchange between scientists of different generations, cultures and disciplines. The Lindau Nobel Laureate awardees attend the meeting in Lindau, Germany, an event held annually since 1951.

For more information, please refer to Events.

European Research Council: Research collaboration opportunities

The European Commission and the Canadian Tri-Agency Institutional Programs Secretariat (TIPS) have partnered to provide research opportunities in Europe for Canada Research Chairholders (CRC) and Banting postdoctoral researchers. This arrangement will allow them to pursue collaborations with European researchers already supported through EU-funded European Research Council grants.

This initiative is intended to enable the collaboration between European researchers and Banting postdoctoral researchers through a single, long-term visit (up to 12 months) or through multiple short-term visits (e.g., for joint research projects) in Europe. It is an exciting opportunity for Banting postdoctoral researchers to formalize collaborations with their European counterparts and advance their mutual research objectives.

A call for expression of interest will be sent by email to eligible Banting Fellows. For more information on the European Research Council and this opportunity please consult their website.

Peer review opportunity

Depending on expertise requirements, there are opportunities for Banting Fellows to participate in evaluating applications for CIHR’s Doctoral Research Awards. Invitations will be sent by email.

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